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Game Rules

Rules 1 St. Time 2 St. Time 3 Rd. Time
To disturb users and blame them without any clue etc. Mute and attack disable 3 days ban Ban permanent
Swearing - aggressive and violent communications. Mute 3 days ban Ban permanent
To introduce him/herself as an authorized person. Ban permanent
To invite or advise another server by inviting or suggesting. Ban permanent
To make advertisement ( by chat or PM ) 3. person web-sites Ban permanent
To make national point transfer ( NPT ) Reduced NP to zero Ban permanent
To gain NP by an unknown bug Reduced NP to 100 and 5 days ban Ban permanent
Item duplicate or to have an duplicated item Ban permanent
Payment Fraud Ban permanent
Unauthorized access to an account Ban permanent
Having a nick against politics Ban permanent
Bug abuse 5 days attack disable 30 days ban
To use 3rd party programme or to join a group who use it. Ban permanent
To send a ticket which claims that s/he didn't use any 3rd party tools programme but it was not so. Ban permanent
To communicate admins or Gamemasters in a rude way. Up to their desicion
To use bugged, hacked or lost item Ban during the investigation. And having a wipe on those items.
To open a similar or copy nick of another user. Ban permanent
Doing chat spam by macro Mute 10 days ban Ban permanent
To communicate users or game masters by swearing 5 days ban
To disturb users such as closing gate by mastodon 5 days ban
To share virused links on facebook etc. Ban permanent
To show him/herself as a YourKo staff Ban permanent
Paypal Payment Fraud Ban permanent
Selling character in game ( you can do it on forum ) Ban permanent